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Rail Live : Geismar unveils Mantis and Nautilus

Geismar, worldwide leader in track laying, maintenance and renewal is thrilled to unveil its two new battery-powered machines for sustainable on-track bolting and rail de-stressing operations.

Rail Live : Geismar unveils Mantis and Nautilus

Pioneering electric technology to foster a more sustainable way to rail, Geismar took the occasion of the 2023 Rail Live exhibition in the United Kingdom, to showcase Mantis, the most powerful railway battery-powered impact wrench on the market and Nautilus, brand new electro-hydraulic high-pressure unit to feed rail tensors and weld shearing machines.

Attracting more than 5,000 professional visitors a year, Rail Live is simply the largest outdoor rail exhibition in the UK. On this occasion, the French manufacturer not only brought exhaustive solutions showcase but also unveiled these innovations from the Activion® systems range that paves the way for Geismar’s legacy for continuous innovation and a more sustainable way to rail.

Mantis, the innovative electric impact wrench

While nowadays’ fastening equipment is still mostly powered by petrol engines and made for traditional use by operators, the Mantis impact wrench brings a new way of coachscrewing and bolting. Integrating two 5 Ah or 12 Ah batteries for up to 600 unscrewing cycles, the brand-new patented vibration absorption technology of its chassis offers a great reduction in hand/arm vibration levels, henceforth allowing a full day of continuous work.

Developing up to 4,000 N.m torque to unloose the tightest bolts or coachscrews and integrating a quick socket change system, no other bolting equipment has ever been so modular and efficient on track.

Versatile, Mantis speeds up bolting operations while being safe to use by the operator and, also, for all track fastenings by integrating an easy access 3-position torque limiter selector.

This system, featuring its patented chassis brings a new way for workers to operate by being safer, more ergonomic, and allowing effortless operations in combination with its new support trolley.

Rail Live : Geismar unveils Mantis and Nautilus

Nautilus, the best ally for decarbonated de-stressing operations

Building on the idea of electrifying each part of today’s and tomorrow’s railway worksites, Geismar took the leap in favour of combining technologies to comply with current and future needs. Introducing the high-pressure Nautilus electro-hydraulic unit: a dual output battery-powered unit designed to provide all hydraulic power needed for rail de-stressing and shearing operations. The perfect balance between hydraulic machinery and emission-free operation, powered by the high-capacity 1,400 Wh Activion® battery.

Featuring a powerful brushless motor that is not only lighter but provides longer lasting life and higher reliability, Nautilus is also a flexible partner on de-stressing worksites thanks to a precise hydraulic flow control which can feed up to two machines simultaneously.

Compatible with TH-series rail tensors and ESN-series weld shearing machines, Geismar presents its actual vision of emission-free de-stressing operations on worksites.

What is up, Rail Live?

To introduce these innovations to the world and keep the momentum with the firm’s latest releases, Geismar prepared a comprehensive exhibition during which the teams are thrilled to share and discuss railway solutions.

The new Narval battery-powered rail drill – introduced earlier this year at SIFER exhibition in France – is also part of the show: providing quick, precise and emission-free drilling operations wherever the needs and featuring a tool-free Weldon’s classic drills and premium drill change system, Narval benefits from many competitive advantages.

Also on the center stage, the rising star of RRVs Runner Wizard lightweight utility vehicle which features great towing and propelling capabilities: the ideal solution for people and light equipment transportation on worksites. Thus, better serving operators’ interests through evolving needs for more terrain-adapted solutions, fostering a greater return on investment.

In brief, this show is not only a great opportunity for Geismar to showcase its world premieres but also, to let its different ranges of equipment share the fame, from measurement solutions to electric conversion kits, to promote its vision toward a safer, handier and greener railway maintenance world with Geismar expertise at the center of it all.

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