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New S-Bahn trains for Berlin and Brandenburg are ready to ride

The new series 483/484 trains are waiting to begin service – Premiere run on New Year’s Eve on line S47.

The countdown for a new S-Bahn era has begun! Two weeks before their inaugural run on January 1, the new series 483/484 trains are ready and waiting to be deployed.

The first train will leave the depot on New Year’s Eve and begin service on line S47 between Spindlersfeld and Hermannstraße.

Ten pre-series trains (five two-car and five four-car units) will begin operation on the basis of the new transport contract with the states of Berlin and Brandenburg for the city’s Ringbahn that takes effect on January 1, 2021. S-Bahn Berlin has ordered a total of 106 trains from the manufacturer consortium Stadler and Siemens to be delivered by the end of 2023. The new trains will be used on the S47, S41/S42, S46, S15 and S8 (Zeuthen–Birkenwerder) lines.

The first ten trains have been undergoing tests throughout the Berlin S-Bahn network since September 2019 and have successfully completed a total of around 150,000 kilometers since then. The trains were granted full approval for passenger transport by the Federal Railway Authority in October 2020, so nothing stands in the way of their entering service.

Passengers will soon experience considerably more comfort, convenience, reliability, and safety: The trains feature large panoramic windows, air conditioning, cameras in all cars, and state-of-the-art passenger information systems.

S-Bahn head Peter Buchner: “After completing a two-year test phase, we met all the requirements for beginning operations in plenty of time. The trains are ready to go, their crews have been trained, and the depots have been prepared. I want to thank all employees of the S-Bahn, DB, Stadler and Siemens who have worked tirelessly on this future-focused project.”

Jure Mikolčić, CEO of Stadler Germany: “Since we announced the order to design, develop, and build Berlin’s new S-Bahn almost exactly five years ago in December 2015, the consortium has successfully completed all project phases. They’ve made it possible for the first ultra-modern, new-generation S-Bahn trains from Berlin to begin service right on schedule and offer passengers a clear improvement in travel comfort and convenience.”

Albrecht Neumann, CEO of Rolling Stock, Siemens Mobility: “Just as promised five years ago, we together with Stadler are delivering the new S-Bahn trains for Berlin right on time, in the highest quality, and featuring advanced technology. The new trains for Berlin’s S-Bahn are a showcase project for future-oriented urban mobility. They offer an improved driving experience, more comfort for Berliners, and are especially robust.”

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