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New Black Molded Seal for Signal Lights

New black molded seal for ideal integration of signal lights into the vehicle’s appearance.

New Black Molded Seal for Signal Lights

Our proven SLE161 and SLE162 signal lights impress with their rounded housing design and excellent lateral visibility. With the new optional black molded seal, which covers the white base plate, they seamlessly blend into the overall vehicle design. They are perfect for use in the door area of buses and trains.

The SL Series and TL Series signal lights are often used to signal the door status in buses or trains. Passengers thus know when the door will open or close. The rounded housing design ensures optimal recognition, because the warning signal can be seen from different perspectives. TSL’s signal lights are suitable for the door area on both the interior and exterior of public transport vehicles.

Although the door area is one of the most important application areas for the signal lights, depending on the specific product, they can also be used in buildings or industry. The SLE63, for example, can be used in engine rooms or for access control. The SLE150 is also used as a start and stop light or signal and warning light in industrial applications.

The SLE16x series is equally versatile. TSL-ESCHA has launched the next generation of signal lights with the SLE161 and SLE162. The SLE161 and SLE162 replace the previous SLE160. The SLE161 is a variant with 10 LEDs. A lateral reflector can be selected for even better lateral visibility. The SLE162 provides an even more uniform and homogeneous illumination with 20 LEDs. It is also possible to use 2 x 20 LEDs with two colors (red/green or red/white) to indicate different states. A white cover is then used for this purpose. Due to new, efficient LEDs, the signal light is even easier to see and illuminates more homogeneously.

As an option, a black moulded seal can be selected to surround the LED signal light, hiding the white base plate. This provides a visually harmonious appearance to the vehicle design.

Versatile signal lights

The TL Series was originally designed as a step light in the door area. The lights were used to indicate the extension of sliding steps or ramps. The product is now widely used as a signal light. The big advantage of the TL Series is its very compact design. The TL80 and TL83 require very little mounting space, making them ideal for environments with limited space. Variants with laminated safety glass make these signal lights particularly resistant to damage from vandalism and stone chips.

The TL80 has a plastic housing and is protected against corrosion. Full encapsulation protects it against humidity. Its moderate brightness makes the TL80 perfectly suited for sleeping cars in trains. The TL83 has a die-cast aluminum housing and a nominal power of four watts, resulting in greater luminosity. The TL83 is thus ideally suited for use as a door signal light. Its flat design also means it can be used as a surface-mounted variant. The TL83 is also used in emergency vehicles, e.g. for construction sites (ambient lighting) or fire departments (lifting cage and pole lighting).

Signal light product highlights

Optimal brightness and recognition according to intended usage
Often used in the door area on both the interior and exterior for signaling to passengers or operating personnel
Robust housing technology, high degree of protection and wide operating temperature range
Proven chemical resistance to many surface cleaners
Can be mounted from the front or back side and comes equipped with a cable outlet for optional plugs
Complies with the current standards for rail vehicles (EN 50155, EN 45545-2 and EN 61373)

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