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Alstom and the University of Miskolc have signed a cooperation agreement on talent support and R&D in Hungary

Within the framework of the agreement, Alstom and University of Miskolc will exchange practical experience and scientific knowledge to develop future R&D projects.
Alstom and the University of Miskolc have signed a cooperation agreement on talent support and R&D in Hungary

Alstom, global leader in smart and sustainable mobility, and the University of Miskolc have signed a strategic cooperation agreement to support talent management and R&D in Hungary. This collaboration aims to bring practical training and theoretical knowledge closer together, support talent management, and develop processes and technical-technological solutions for domestic steel structure production through joint research and development projects. The University of Miskolc, leveraging its research and infrastructural capabilities, will support Alstom's production, product, and process development in Hungary by undertaking specific research tasks under separate project-based agreements.

"Since its foundation, the University of Miskolc has strived to harmonize the transfer of theoretical and practical knowledge. This is the basis for the implementation of joint research and innovation projects with industrial partners," emphasized Prof. Dr. Zita Horváth, rector of the University of Miskolc, at the ceremonial signing of the cooperation agreement. She reminded: the institution joined the dual training program in 2015, in which the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Information Technology is at the forefront. The opportunities for real cooperation with the corporate sphere are strengthened by the Higher Education and Industry Cooperation Center (FIEK), which coordinates the work of the university's research institutes, but research, development and innovation are also at the heart of the university's Science Park project, which is under evaluation.

"Today's biggest challenge for production companies is to secure well-educated specialists and skilled labour in the long term. The strategic cooperation agreement, which we just concluded is closely aligned with the educational program of Alstom's Mátranovak factory. We are already running our welding and fitting vocational training courses at the site, specifically tailored for employees on the workshop floor". said Gáspár Balázs, Managing Director of Alstom in Hungary.

He adds “Our next step is to develop our training and recruitment ioffer for engineers and administrative staff. For this, we found an excellent partner - University of Miskolc, the most important technical higher education institution in North-Eastern Hungary. We are confident that the young people who, as part of the educational program, get to know the operation of Alstom Matranovak site - one of the largest steel structure manufacturing sites in our country - will increasingly choose the factory as the location for their practical training and, later, their workplace."

The first group of 25 students from the University of Miskolc visited the Alstom site in Mátranovák on 26th April. During the half-day visit, the students were introduced to Alstom's values, the operation of the Mátranovák factory, products manufactured there, and the supply process. They were guided through the factory, becoming familiar with its production processes and key specialised activities.

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