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SYSTRA contributes further to the Brenner Tunnel

SYSTRA Italy is to participate in the supply of railway equipment for the Brenner Base Tunnel, as part of a consortium led by Italferr.
SYSTRA contributes further to the Brenner Tunnel

On 23 May 2024, BBT SE, the contracting authority, awarded a three-year contract to the consortium led by Italferr, with SYSTRA and two Austrian design offices (ILF Consulting Engineers and EUT Engineering) as co-contractors, for engineering services and rail equipment for the Brenner Base Tunnel. The consortium will be responsible for the final design of equipment and railway systems for this tunnel, one of the longest in the world.

Together, we will support BBT SE at every stage of the project, with the added challenge of the tunnel’s cross-border dimension. Each system of railway equipment will have to comply with the technical regulations in force in Austria and Italy and guarantee full interoperability with European standards.

"We are delighted to be part of the Design Joint Venture awarded this contract, which strengthens our involvement in this tunnel, one of the most ambitious underground projects in Europe. It also confirms the strengthening of our position in Italy, where all our combined expertise in underground structures and transport systems has contributed to this success. Congratulations to all!"

Erica Calatozzo, Chief Operating Officer, SYSTRA Italy

Three years of assignments on a record tunnel

The Brenner Base Tunnel is one of the longest rail tunnels currently under construction in the world. By 2032, it will enable the Austrian and Italian networks to interconnect under the Alps, with mixed conventional and high-speed connections for freight and passengers.

In detail, this three-year project will begin with a review of the civil engineering studies of the structures and equipment. Carried out in 2008, these studies need to be brought into line with the latest regulations in force, adopt the latest technologies and keep pace with any changes made to the project.

After the tendering process, we will supervise the layout and implementation of the power supply, catenary, signalling, telecommunications, remote surveillance, and access control systems, as well as all the security systems, from fire detection to ventilation equipment.

Once all the systems have been installed, the Brenner Base Tunnel can be opened to traffic at the start of the next decade at the earliest.

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